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*** This is not even a MVP and currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION – thx for not sharing ***

New Lufthansa Group App


How might we build the best airline app.

project description

Lufthansa Group commissioned Hinderling Volkart to take the design and UX lead for the creation of a brand new white label airline app serving the group's core airlines Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines. LHG already had conducted an enormous amount of user, tech and business research. Scrum was required as PM method, which LHG was new to. Thus, we consulted with the setup of the process, the team and suggested a sprint 0 to consolidate the research and co-develop a common vision and product statement. 

work samples



my involvement

  • UX Lead (agency side)
  • Project setup and Scrum consulting
  • Lead and setup of consolidation and synthesis phase (sprint 0)
    • 8 weeks sprint consisting of one workshop per week. 
    • Synthesis of User Journey
    • Synthesis of core persona
    • Synthesis of core user stories
    • Creation of product vision statement
    • Creation and wireframing of first prototypes
  • Conceptual work during sprints (development of UX concepts)
  • Wireframing and Prototyping 
  • Guerilla Testing 


  • ...

challenges & learnings

  • Due to the nature of the project (5 different and independent core parties involved with diverging agendas) lead to communication, process and trust issues. Thus, it proved to be essential to establish forms of communication, regular professional exchange and intercultural exchange. 
  • A vision is core to each project. During the process a lot of new members joined without knowing the core vision. Managing expectations through open communication and making the vision tangible and present helped.  


Client: Lufthansa Group
Agency: Hinderling Volkart
Year: 2017 - on-going
Website: ... 

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