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Digital Platform & Cross Media Campaign – m-budget


How might we raise awareness for the low-cost M-Budget brand among millennials and make the brand a cult icon again. 

project description

First edition – m-budget wg «commune» (2010)

Originally meant to be a one time only campaign in order to gain fans, «M-Budget WG» was launched as a exclusive Facebook campaign in 2010. Apart from gaining fans, awareness for the cult low-budget brand was meant to be risen among young consumers. The campaign did not only achieve its targets but also marked the start of a new and long lasting advertising format, which has been carried on up to the current day winning multiple awards each year. 

Second edition – m-budget wg «remote controlled» (2011)

V.2 of M-Budget WG experienced a radical change from its predecessor, as it moved from a Facebook-only campaign to being Switzerland's first interactive reality TV show. In a cooperation with newly launched joiz TV, a six episode lasting TV show was aired. Online first was still a credo. Therefore a video portal with live streaming, video on demand and various social and interactive functionalities was core of the campaign. 

3rd and 4th edition – m-budget «we are young...» (2012, 2013)

In its 3rd and 4th year of existence, Migros took its successful M-Budget-campaign to the largest Swiss Music Festivals. The campaign itself got expanded and the focus shifted to the presence at the festivals. A number of promotional and event related activities such as dedicated TV-shows were created from scratch. The campaign duration stretched to almost a year and got extended with the relaunch of M-Budget Parties and a later and current presence at the Swiss Music Awards.  A digital platform accompanied all events with sweepstakes, votings, video-on-demand and other promotions.

work samples

Various on-site user journey flow charts

Various on-site user journey flow charts

Overview of Sitemap (IA) and sample template low-fi wireframes

Overview of Sitemap (IA) and sample template low-fi wireframes


my involvement

  • Overall project lead from pitch concept on
  • Overall and Digital Planning
  • Concept Development for On- and Offline activities
  • Concept Development for TV-show (2011-2013)
  • Lead IA/UX-Design
  • Campaign and Website architecture
  • Digital Project Management and Coordination

awards (2011)

  • Crossmedia Award, Bronze
  • Social Media Award, Kategorie Branding, Gold
  • Best of Swiss Web, Digital Performance Campaigns, Silver
  • Best of Swiss Web, Digital Branding Campaigns, Silver
  • ADC Schweiz, Digital, Bronze
  • ADC Schweiz, DM & Promo, Bronze

awards (2012)

  • DM-Preis, Digitale Dialogmassnahmen, Silver
  • DM-Preis, Integrierte Dialogkampagnen, Silver
  • Crossmedia Award, Crossmedia, Shortlist
  • Best of Swiss Web, Digital Branding Campaigns, Bronze
  • ADC Schweiz, Digital, Shortlist

awards (2013)

  • DM-Preis, Ambient, Gold    
  • Crossmedia Award, Crossmedia, Gold    
  • Crossmedia Award, Crossmedia, Shortlist    
  • ADC Schweiz, DM & Promo, Silver    
  • ADC Schweiz, Creative Media, Bronze    
  • ADC Schweiz, Gesamtkampagne, Bronze

awards (2014)

  • ADC Schweiz, Creative Media, Bronze
  • ADC Schweiz, DM & Promo, Bronze


Client: Migros
Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat
Year: 2012, 2013
Current website: https://m-budget.migros.ch/de/

Dan Nessler