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*** This is not even a MVP and currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION – thx for not sharing ***

UX strategy – Kien


How might we map out Kien's customer journey covering every touch point from the first contact to unboxing and how might we enhance them. 

project description

At Hyper Island we have been commissioned to carry out an ambitious project for Kien. Kien is a Dutch startup company with Bang & Olufsen roots that has set out to enable people to escape from their daily routine and has the ambition to become an experience brand with a strong online focus (storytelling, sales, customer service). Without a retail presence, Kien will have to stand on its digital selling channels and product experience to reduce anxiety, persuade customers in an already competitive market, and build a community of passionate ambassadors. 

In order to do so, our team went into an extensive research process based on the double diamond process. We set out to clearly define the design challenge and visualise the entire customer journey with all its corresponding touch point. Once mapped out, different approaches to improving this process were ideated, prototyped, tested and presented after validation had been gained. 

The result: a journey that takes flexibility and personalisation to a whole new level. The students created a story future owners will be Kien to share.

work file samples

Digital mid fidelity wireframes (sketch) / prototype (invision)

Digital high fidelity wireframes / UI (sketch) / prototype (invision)

UI color scheme

from physical and digital low to high fidelity prototyping and testing to final showcase deliverable 

kien customer journey

process photos

my involvement

  • Team facilitator / scrum master (in rotating positions)
  • UX research
  • UX strategy 
  • Prototyping/Wireframing/Testing 
  • UI design


  • A very happy client


Client: Kien labs (Hyper Island Master Programme)
Year: 2016
Website: http://www.kien.io

Dan Nessler